Monday, January 12, 2015

Hoos Shortstop

 Just finishing out a few cards from last baseball season.  The first time I saw Chris Taylor play baseball was a few years ago while he was playing in college at Virginia.  While Taylor did not show a ton of pop while playing for the Cavaliers, he did hit for average and did a great job of getting on base.  The Mariners picked up the shortstop in the 5th round of the 2012 draft.  All he's done since being drafted is hit .320/.407/.463 with 96 extra base hits and almost 70 steals in three seasons in the minors.  He was also the Pacific Coast League's MVP in last years Triple A All-Star game.

This is my second autograph of the Mariners future shortstop.  I pulled an autograph of him out of a 2014 Bowman box.

I did not open a box of Bowman Platinum cards this year, but I really like some of the autographs in the set.  I love the green backgrounds on these cards and also like the fact that the Taylor autograph is an on-card signature.  Platinum had a good amount of sticker autographs this year.  Many of these autographs are fairly cheap and can be bought for less than $5.  In the case of Taylor, he should be a starting shortstop for a good Mariners team next year.  Pretty good value.


  1. I was happy to see him at the Triple A All-Star game. I even snagged an in person signature at the autograph session. Definitely looks like a good player. Great card!

    1. Taylor and Peterson really stood out from PCL. I went to every All-Star event that week, but missed the autograph session which bummed me out.