Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Lost Die Cut

I spent a lot of time today working on sorting out cards.  I put together about a dozens sets, boxed them, and started organizing all the sets that I had previously put together by year.  I came to the conclusion today that my large metal shelf in my closet is not going to work very well with the smaller boxes I am having to use with the sets.  I have pulled boxes out and have started to search for shelving unit which will better suit my needs.  I think this is the best way to summarize my work today.....

The best part of today was sorting through some little stacks of cards.  Things that needed to go in boxes.  Single cards that filled in sets, player collection cards that I had bought off of Ebay, and some other assorted cards that were hanging around my card room for whatever reason.  I could honestly make a week's worth of posts out of the cards that I found hanging out today, but probably won't share them at this point, but you can see one in a minute.  Although it would make a good countdown post:  Cool Cards That I Lost On My Own Desk

A few weeks ago my brother in law, who now blogs about the Tigers, posted a cool die-cut Nick Castallenos autograph out of Topps Supreme on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by Matt Seguin (@mseguin12) on

I had actually picked up a copy of a similar card around the same time, skipped blogging about it, then decided to go back and use it as a post after all.  Well, I pulled the card out of it's box and.......I guess it sat on my desk for basically the last month.  It was mixed in with a random pile of Topps Heritage inserts I traded for to fill in a set and a Max Scherzer jersey card that I had set aside in case the Cardinals sign him.  Guess I can scratch that idea off my list, but back to the die-cut.   It's a really nice looking card.....

I am not sure what will become of Garin Cecchini, but I saw him play last year for the Red Sox Triple A team and I really enjoyed watching him play.  He's not one of those players who wows you with his tremendous talent, but he works the pitchers and seems to have pretty good success at the plate.  If it never works out, well I have a really cool Topps Supreme card.  For the moment he would seemed blocked in Boston, so there is a really good possibility he will start out the year in Pawtucket and end the year somewhere.

I also tried watching the Hunger Movies while I was working today, but 80s music videos seemed to work out a little bit better for me today.  Why is Johnny Lydon dressed like Pee Wee Herman in this video?

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