Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trade with Chavez Ravining

I picked up a really sweet card this past week from Alex at Chavez Ravining.  He's obviously a huge Dodgers fan and has a great collection of over 200 Matt Kemp cards.  I helped him out with a great Matt Kemp autograph for his collection and picked up a really nice Oscar Taveras Acetate card from the Topps Update set in return.  Here's a look at my newest card:

 I have added a whole bunch of these cards to my collection this year and this card might be my favorite of the bunch.  It's numbered 2/10 and has all of the cool trappings of the Acetate cards which I have talked about numerous times this year.  This is the one of two Topps base cards of Oscar Taveras, so there is that too.    

I always have to post the back of the card when I pick up on Acetate too.  Love the mirrored look of the back and the fact that the card is translucent.  This is one the coolest parts of these cards which I hope Topps will bring back for 2015.  Here's a look at the translucentness..... (is that a word?)

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Alex also add a stack full of extra cards into our trade.  My favorite extra card has to be this cool Topps Pro Debut Gold of Rays prospect Thomas Coyle.  The Rays second base prospect played for the Charlotte Crabs in the Florida State League (High A) last season, but had previously starred at the University of North Carolina.  

The card is numbered out of just 50.  He also threw in a whole gaggle of other Cardinals and Rays goodies which can be summarized in this short Vine.  

Overall, it was a great trade and I am really happy with my brand new Oscar Taveras card.  I still have a few other cool Kemp autographs hanging out, so I am looking forward to a few more trades with Alex.  Thank you again!  

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  1. Glad you liked the cards. That OT is terrific. Also, I love the idea of using a Vine to show cards. Looking forward to our next deal.