Saturday, January 3, 2015

Acetate Fever!

There have been a lot of different acetate cards put out during this past year.  For me, as a collector, I started out with a few of the acetate cards out of the Topps sets.  Really nice cards and one of my favorite parts of the Topps sets from last year....

I felt like these were kind of a constant last year.  Topps issued a series of cards and I spent a few weeks chasing down a bunch of these cards.  I would find most of the cards I was looking for and the next series of Topps would drop.  The cycle just kept repeating.  As much time and money as I spent finding acetate cards out of the Topps sets this year, there are still a few I would like to add to my collection.  I found one of them last week and finalized a trade for the card this afternoon.  Pretty exciting. 

Besides the acetate parallels in the base Topps set, there were also plenty of cool autographs in the acetate based Topps Tek set.  Sure, the Ron Gant card was a bit of bummer, but there are plenty of cool cards in this sets return.....

I think this might be my favorite autograph I have added out of the set so far, but I still have two of these cards I have yet to post.  Love the look of these cards and have considered working on a project to assemble the base set of these cards.  Topps did a great job of reviving this cool late 90s/early 2000s acetate baseball card set.  

Two acetate baseball card obsessions in a year is pretty good.  What else could there possibly be that would fit into my collection?  

Have you seen the new USA Baseball cards that Panini put out recently?  

I live about ten minutes away from the USA Baseball Complex in Cary, North Carolina and always make time to check out a few of their games every year.  I really enjoy watching the college team the best, but still check in on the other teams here and there.  This past summer I attended one their games against Chinese Taipei and did a write up about some of the players I saw during the game.  

When Panini dropped the USA Baseball set I naturally checked in to see if I could find some autographs of the players who stuck out in my mind during the summer when I saw this sweet Justin Garza card:

That's an autograph over an acetate strip with a jersey relic.  Acetate!  Again!  More!  How cool is that.  I really liked watching Justin Garza pitch last summer and have some big hopes for him as a Major League pitcher.  He's only 5'11, which makes him on the small side for a pitcher, but he has a great arm.  I had a couple more players on the USA team I would love to add, but I am going to be patient with this set since the cards seem to trend downward over time.  The cards also seem to trickle out on the marketplace which makes the first couple of cards a little bit pricier than they should be.  Still, I am excited at the prospects of adding more acetate cards to my collection.

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