Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Years Resolution

We are four days into the New Year, so it seems like a good time to roll out this post:

I am not a huge resolution guy, but I try to keep them simple when I make them.  Last year I pledged to spend more time talking about cards that were already in my set.  The first half of the year I struggled with the goal a little bit.  Honestly, I just completely forgot about it for awhile.  At some point I really started getting into the Monday posts showing off a cool card from my collection.  The posts worked even better later into the year when I started adding stories to the cards.  Go figure.  

So, I am still a relative newbie to the blogging world.  I have done this for two years and still feel like I am learning a lot about the card world and blogging world each and every week I sit down and type up a series of posts.  I spent the past few weeks looking through a few of the blogs that I like to frequent and tried to pick out something about the blog that made it a good read.  

I made a list of different ideas I could I adopt as my improve, or resolution, for this year and ultimately decided to add a want list to my blog.  If you stop by and read about the cards I post here on a somewhat regular basis it's probably pretty clear what I collect, but why not just put it out there.  I am hoping the list will have two desired effects:

1. Make me retain some semblance of focus
2. Facilitate a few more trades 

Here's the initial list which will soon have it's own box over there ------> somewhere.  

I have had a want list for a long time, but it mainly exsisted in the form of little sticky notes attached to the shelves of my baseball card closet, or sitting on the desk in my study.  My four year olds interpretation of the sticky notes.......

Seriously.  Over the past couple of years I have had numerous successes in finding cards on my want list, but since it's not published perhaps the accomplishments are understated.  For example, I spent years working on the 2001 Pacific Private Stock relics set with the full realization that I would likely never finish the set.  That Sosa bat card will never be for sale, nor ever in my price range.  At some point I decided to finish out as much as I could, but in particular, finish the Cardinals relic set.  I was down to needing a Garrett Stephenson patch card for several years.  

I had it written down in two or three notebooks.  It appeared on numerous checklists.  It appeared on sticky notes both in my house and in a card shop in suburban St. Louis.  Nothing.  

I finally added the card a few years back, almost a decade after the set came out, and it was a huge deal for me as a collector.  

I understand that some of the cards on my list are things that do not pop up often, but I am willing to have things sit on this list for awhile if it eventually helps me track down a few of the cards I have been looking for the past few years.  Other cards on the list are here just because I have been too lazy to go out and trade or buy them.  

In no particular order....

The Snorting Bull's Void List 
Always looking for:
Low Numbered Ray Lankford Cards including printing plates 

2012 Bowman Platinum Tim Beckham Autograph/Patch 
2014 Topps Acetate Justin Ruggiano 
2002 Topps Heritage Jim Edmonds Real One Autograph 
2011 Durham Bulls SGA Bobblehead Charlie Montoyo/Dan Johnson/Jeremy Hellickson 
2012 Panini USA Baseball Johnny Field Patch/Autograph
2014 Topps Update David Eckstein 2006 World Series Patch 
2002 Stadium Club George Hendrick World Champions Bat Relic 
2014 Panini National Treasures Kevin Kiermaier Autograph 
2009 Topps Unique Anthony Reyes Jumbo Patch 
2003 Topps Gallery Stan Musial Penny Card 

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