Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Snorting Bull Awards: Best New Product

 2013 Bowman Inception

There were a few new products released by the card giants this year, but few new releases could hold a candle to the new Bowman Inception set.  This was the only new product this year issued by Topps, but they seemed to get every detail right with this brand new product.  I have now written about this product several times this year, but here it goes again:

The set features a great design and look and the majority of the players have on card autographs.  The cards which do not have an on-card autograph (see Hak Ju Lee above) look awesome even with a sticker autograph.  Also consider the competition.  Where were the other new products?  Panini?  Blah.  Leaf?  If I gave Leaf an award they would probably threaten to sue me over Twitter.  Bowman Inception is the best new product and it's not even close. 


  1. I have an Addison Russell autograph from this product... and it's AWESOME! I don't usually pick up prospects... but that card was just too nice to pass up. Great call!

    1. That's one I need to pick up. I have a friend that works over at Baseball America and raves about Addison Russell. There are always some prospects that are worth the risk.

  2. Really like the look and feel of the inception auto cards !