Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Snorting Bull Awards: Best Autograph Set

2013 Bowman Inception 

I picked up a whole bunch of these great looking autographs throughout the year and give a pick tip of the hat to Topps for the successful launch of this great looking release.  There are two simple things that made this product the clear run away winner for autograph set of the year: 

1.  The design of the cards is fabulous.  They are borderless and so simple in design, but just really classy looking.  If the cards weren't signed this would still be a fantastic set to pick up, collect, and add to your collection.  The autographs just make them that much better.

2.  There are a ton of on-card autographs.  Yes, there are also some sticker autographs in the set too.  However, I think that Topps did a great job overall of balancing out the stickers a little bit by putting them all in the set as the signatures that paired with the jersey pieces.  

If you did not get a chance to add one of these cards to your collection they are pretty easy to track down still and there is a pretty diverse range of price points on these cards on the secondary market.  Remember, since it's a Bowman product the cards are all of young players and prospects.  There is a limit to how much the high end cards will run you in this set.  If you get the short-printed autographs with really low runs you are certainly going to pay a premium, but for less than $40 (and some patience) you can find the autographs of players like Oscar Taveras, Jose Fernandez, and Wil Myers.  Or if you are a team collector you might be able to find some great deals on some good prospects who might appear sooner than later in the Majors. 

Honestly it was hard to choose out just a few Inception cards for this post just to highlight the autographs.  I have a bunch of different awards to give out over the next two to three weeks, so you will see more cards from this set in the very near future.  

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