Monday, December 16, 2013

Baseball Card Festivus

Tonight the Snorting Bull celebrates Festivus.  If you are not familiar with the holiday of Festivus you can check out the details here.  We will start out Fetivus celebration with the airing of grievances.


1.  I am really tired of airbrushed cards and do not understand why Topps continues to use the practice when the quality of their cards suffers.  Practice is unacceptable, even when the card features a former NC State football player....

2.  Why do high end baseball card products use sticker autographs?  If you are going to sink the money to buy a case, box, or pack of something from a premium product wouldn't most collectors pay a little bit of extra money to have cards that players signed on card?  Seriously, why can't we get John Axford to sign autographs on cards instead of stickers.  Raise the bar Topps.

3. A variation or two is cool.  Variations with shaving creme, Abe Lincoln, George W. Bush, or the letters SSP aren't probably really worth putting in sets.

Not cool at all Topps, but still better than the Abe Lincoln/Ryan Dempster card.

4.  Panini makes a mean football card.  I don't even collect football cards, but other collectors have them and I see them all the time.  If I collected football cards I would be all over the Panini cards.  However, have you looked at your baseball cards?  Some of the players are cool, but I am not sure how you make a cool card without a license.  Not a cool card.

Feats of Strength:
According to most dialouge in Seinfeld the Feats of Strength involve wrestling the head of the family until they are pinned.  I am not sure who I can wrestle in my house, so instead I will leave you with this awesome fight between the Cardinals and Giants circa 1986.  I attended this game to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Pretty awesome brawl.


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