Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gibby Takes A Seat

Just enough time for a quick post this morning.  It's the last day of my winter break, so in the words of the immortal Ferris Bueller "I better make this one count".  I've been up since 5:30, took a 3 mile walk with my son, and ate breakfast.  A quick post then I am going to work on sanding and painting a shelf for my baseball card room.

This morning's card is something I picked up on the cheap a few days ago.  I was not even looking for it, I just happened to look through the Ebay Store of someone I was already buying a card from.  If you can save on shipping, that's always a huge bonus.  Here's the card......

This is a Stadium Seat relic card out of the 2009 Topps Heritage set.  For about the first decade that Topps produced the Heritage product there was always some sort of Grandstand or Seat card included in the set.  I know that these are the sorts of generic relics that some collectors really dislike.  I can certainly understand their reasoning.  However, I always liked the appearance of these cards.  Yes, they are generic and Bob Gibson likely never sat in, nor touched, the piece of seat from Sportsman's Park that is used on the card.  Still a cool card in terms of design.

This is my second Cardinals Topps Heritage card.  I picked up a cool Stan Musial Stadium Seat Relic a few years back on a trip back home to St. Louis.

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  1. It's a neat set. Agree it's a little weird, but I appreciate it being a little different.