Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's Mail...

New card coming in on a trade for a Jason Giambi autograph and a nice Pujols Topps Pristine bat card.  This card is a 2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Miguel Cabrera autograph.  I've always liked the Sweet Spot cards, but found two problems with them.  First, the boxes of Sweet Spot are really iffy.  I think I've open half a dozen in my life and gave up on the last box when my Sweet Spot autograph was Mark Lorretta.  Not dissing Mark Lorretta, but you expect better with a nice box.  Second, some of the autographs fade over time or the quality was low when the cards were initially signed.  I have a Adam LaRoche (better than Lorretta?) that looked horrible out of the pack and has only gotten worse over time.  This Cabrera autograph however is great because I didn't have to buy a whole box of Sweet Spot cards and he did a great job of signing the card in black ink pen.  Cabrera is probably my favorite non-Cardinal and non-Ray that I collect at the moment.  My in-laws live in Northern Michigan and are big Tigers fans, so I pay attention to their games and love watching Cabrera.  Curious to see how he does this year playing third again and batting with Prince Fielder behind him.


  1. Agreed on the Sweet Spots. I have a few. They got better in the later years. Here's my Reggie Smith, which was signed in yellow and is now fading.

    1. I bet that was a sweet card pack fresh. Great signature, but it has faded.

  2. Great Cabrera auto. I know you're probably not interested in trading this, but maybe you have some other Tigers to trade. I have a bunch of Cardinals and Rays. Shoot me an email and I'll send you some scans. Lots of Cardinals '50s vintage, and GUs.