Monday, March 12, 2012

Player Collection: Justin Ruggiano

I've lived in the Raleigh-Durham area now going on six and a half years.  One of the best parts of living here is watching minor league baseball.  Sure I miss going to Cardinals games, but road trips to Cardinals games are cool too.  My primary rooting interest is the Durham Bulls (see blog title), but have also started getting around to games in Greensboro, Zebulon (Carolina Mudcats), and Burlington.  It's fun getting to see great young prospects before they reach the majors.  I spent my last summer watching Matt Moore.  However, you hang around the minor league teams long enough you learn to love the AAAA players.  Guys who are incredible in the International League and scrubby, at best, in the majors.  I started a player collection two summers ago for my favorite (former) AAAA Durham Bull Justin Ruggiano.  I am still trying to find a 2007 Spectrum autograph, and maybe a Triple Threads card with a patch piece, but I consider this a pretty complete collection.  The best part about it is that I probably spent more on shipping these cards to my house then I actually spent on the cards.  Since Justin Ruggiano has moved on to the Astros my collection will likely end and switch over to someone like Leslie Anderson this summer.

2008 Topps Update Justin Ruggiano Jersey Gold

2008 Bowman Sterling Justin Ruggiano Auotgraph

2008 Upper Deck SPX Justin Ruggiano Autograph

2008 SPX Justin Ruggiano Autograph

2008 Topps Finest Justin Ruggiano Autograph

2008 Topps Finest Refractor Justin Ruggiano  Autograph

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Justin Ruggiano Autograph

2008 Triple Threads Justin Ruggiano Autograph

2008 UD Piece of History Justin Ruggiano Autograph 


  1. Very nice. I'll keep my eyes open for any of those.

  2. Former Dodger. I believe he came over to the Rays in the infamous Julio Lugo trade.