Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking My Wax Rule

I do not buy high end wax.  Ever.  Long story, but I would in most instances pull the worst name on the autograph list if I spent good money on a nice, high-end product.  So, this weekend I was at a local card shop and was offered the opportunity to purchase a pack of Topps Tribute under price.  I asked the store owner for a copy of the checklist and got the run down from the owner on the Hank Aaron and Matt Moore autographs.  I explained that I had already traded for a Matt Moore.  He continued on with Cardinals.  Matt Holliday, Jaime Garcia, etc, etc.  However, I was looking for my worst case scenario.  Chris Heisey?  I told the owner some of my tremendous pulls from high end products.  I remember vividly going into one of my favorite cards stores in 2005 and seeing about five packs of Ultimate Signatures being opened.  The pulls were all high-end Hall of Famers.  The most memorable of which were a Jack Morris/Kirby Puckett dual autograph and a low number Whitey Ford.  Fifty Dollars later I had a Dave Gassner autograph.  Even in 2005 that was terrible.  Some other gems: 2001 Playoff Absolute Signing Bonus Henry Rodriguez autographed baseball, 2005 Bowman Sterling Chris Volstad, and my favorite draft flame out Dewon Brazelton 2002 Topps Pristine autograph.  At some point I just quit opening the end stuff, but this weekend I had a few bucks knocked off a pack and.......I might go back.  


  1. I am so jealous. Nice pull! Someone pulled one at my LCS this week too.

  2. Makes you wonder about the print run. It seems like there are three of four versions of each autograph and when you add together the total print run it's going be 200-300 in reality.

  3. Awesome! I'd kill to pull a Kemp auto.