Monday, February 26, 2024

Monday Morning Autograph - Kenny Lofton

I own a couple of thousand autograph cards, the majority have never appeared on my blog.  Here is a random autograph that I have never posted. 

Today: 2003 Donruss Signature Series Autograph Kenny Lofton.  

Why do I own this card? 

I actually wrote about this Kenny Lofton a few years back, but it was on a Cardboard Connections article about his best baseball cards. At the time of its publication, Kenny Lofton had very few certified autographs. Since that time, he's appeared in a few more modern products, but I still love this card.  

I know what you are thinking, Kenny Lofton played for the Pirates?

Kenny Lofton played more than 1,200 games for the Indians. He also played for the Pirates, Giants, Phillies, Braves, Rangers, Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees, Astros, and White Sox. He never played more than 130 games for any team outside of Cleveland and played less than 100 games for 7 of those teams.  Lots of trades and times as a free agent.  

Not really an Indians fan, but I always loved Kenny Lofton. He was as close to a 1980s Cardinals player as anyone touched the field during the 1990s or 2000s.  He led the league in stolen bases five times and ended his career with more than 600.  

When did I get this card?  

I pulled this out of a pack of 2003 Donruss Signature from my local card shop in south St. Louis County shortly after it was released. I was so excited about it at the time.  

A Cinquain About Kenny Lofton 


Speedy, Skilled 

Hitting, Running, Stealing 

Should be in Cooperstown 


Back of the card.  

Love that Rickey Henderson gets a mention on the back of Kenny Lofton's card. Nice write up, great stats, and an awesome baseball card.  


  1. Owning a Lofton signature is pretty special. Pulling a Lofton signature from a pack is even more special.

  2. I never knew that anyone who wasn't affiliated with that site was allowed, or even encouraged, to write articles for it.

    1. Cardboard Connections was a different experience. The site is currently falling off a cliff and it's a shame.


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