Saturday, December 5, 2015

High Tek Gar

I always like the Topps Tek cards.  The older sets in the late 1990s and early 2000s were fun products.  It relaunched last year, but the format changed a little bit.  There are still acetate cards and all kinds of patterns, but there are also autographs in the product now.  My main problem with the new version of Topps Tek is the fact that the cards are a per pack autograph product now.  

I am not usually into the autograph per pack products.  Especially when there are loads of $5 autographs in the product.  Not that there is anything wrong with some of the $5 autographs.  Last year I just picked up a lot of singles.  This year, same thing.  There is a nice little stack of autographs from this set that has popped up on my office desk.  Here's my first.....

This was a pretty inexpensive autograph considering the guy should probably be in the Hall of Fame.  I have an Edgar Martinez autograph or two, but I liked the looks of this card.  Good 1990s design with a great player on the front.  More Topps Tek cards to come....

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