Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Wil Myers Trade

One of my favorite Minor League players I have watched in person is former uber prospect Wil Myers.  He appeared for the Durham Bulls for about half of the 2013 season, and then again on an injury rehab during the 2014 season.  Myers was a highly rated prospect who came over in the James Shields/Wade Davis/tons of prospects to the Rays trade.  

Myers was a fun player to watch in person.  The ball had a lot of pop off of his bat and he seemed to have that "it" factor.  I know that's not really a statistic, or number, but you could just watch him and tell that he was something special.  I was disappointed that the Rays ended up trading him to the Padres and I really slowed down this year on collecting his cards.  I still did not own a single Padres card of the former Durham Bull.  While he is still not with the Rays, that usually does not stop me from still collecting the players I see roll through the Bull City.  

Well, I decided to make a Wil Myers trade of my own.  I did not give up Wade Davis and James Shields.  I also did not get any Rene Rivera or Steven Souza cards back in some sort of three person trade.  Just a nice Triple Threads autograph....

I really like the looks of this card with the green background, brown bat pieces, and blue Padres jersey.  It has a really nice look.  I also like the fact that I found an on-card Triple Threads autograph.  The set can have a lot of sticker autographs.  Myers still has kind of a sloppy signature, but overall this is a great card.  

I am not really surprised that the price, in both money and trade return, of Myers cards has dropped dramatically over the last two to three years given the fact that he is three years into his Major League career and has yet to play a full season in the Majors.  Obviously, the first season was split between Durham and Tampa.  The rest have been the result of injuries.  Let's hope Wil stays on the field for a full season in 2016.  

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