Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Venerable Old Card Part 2

I was working a little bit with my early 1980s cards earlier this week and ran across a cool card I thought I would use for this week's Venerable Old Card Post.  This would fit into the Cardinals part of my collection, but the card was taken pre-Cardinals.  Here's this week's card....

It was one of the first cards that I ran into while I was flipping through my stack of 1981 Donruss cards, which I know make up a complete set, but they still aren't quite sorted out.  For whatever reason, I do not really associate manager cards with Donruss.  However, the first year I really got into the Donruss cards was 1988 with the blue plaid set.  Before then, I would get a pack or two a summer.  Of course, I have filled in the earlier Donruss sets in more recent years.  I wasn't even collecting yet in 1981.  

Few things I like about the LaRussa card:

  • Is that a White Sox batting jersey from the early eighties?  

  • Tony retired in 2011 and I am not sure that his hair style changed at all in 30 years of managing.  Just a little bit of grey.  

  • Like almost every 1981 Donruss card the picture in this card was taken in Comiskey.  You can sort of make out the pinwheel fireworks things on the scoreboard. 

  • LaRussa is in the 1981 Topps set as the White Sox manager, but the managers in that set were in a tiny box on the top of the team card.  Makes me want to give this card the unofficial title of being the first manager card of the Hall of Famer.  


  1. I personally have never counted those '81 Topps as manager cards; they're straight up team cards in my eyes. So, I would second your unofficial title.

  2. I just put that same card in my binder last night!