Saturday, December 26, 2015

Five Star Kluber

I have a few more Five Stars on the way to my mailbox and onto this blog space.  One of my favorite cards I found was an autograph of Indians pitcher Corey Kluber.  I have seen him pitch a few times over the past few years and I am always amazed that he flies under the radar with baseball card collectors.  I know, it's really about the fact that he plays in Cleveland, not New York or Los Angeles.  One of the best games I have seen him pitch was against the Cardinals last May when he struck out 18 batters.  Yes, Mark Reynolds was in the lineup for the Cardinals along with the awesomeness that is Matt Adams and Pete Kozma.......

Pretty good stuff.  If baseball cards value and popularity were actually based on what happened on the field then I wouldn't be able to find an awesome high end autograph of a really good pitcher like this for $5.  I am not necessarily complaining that Kluber's autographs are that cheap, but he has not signed much of anything before this year.  

Great player, a great signature, and cool card design make this card one that I had to add to my collection.  I have a few more Five Star autographs to post, nothing too high end, but still nice players on a really great looking product.  Kluber also has an autograph in the Topps Tek set, might have to find that one too.  


  1. I do always find it interesting how players have Hall of fame-type careers but never get the recognition for it in the card trading world...I think a lot of it is driven by the media and the personality of the player

    1. Personality, press, interaction with fans are huge factors.