Sunday, April 12, 2015

Secret Weapon Bobblehead

I have a few things that I am going to work on catching up on with blogging this week.  There are times when things come in the mail and I just do not get around to scanning, or taking pictures, of the item.  A few weeks, or in this case, months later I remember that I have not put an item up on my blog.  I have had the last two weeks off of school and spent a little bit of time working on putting a new shelf up in my baseball card room.  I keep autographed balls and bobbleheads on my shelves.  This set of shelves was more a necessity than plans for future purchases.  After sanding and painting I hung the shelf up and started taking the bobbles out of the boxes.  First up was this one.....

The Cardinals gave away this bobble last September.  Oquendo currently works as the Cardinals third base coach where he has worked since 1999.   Jose also spent the vast majority of his playing career with the Cardinals and was dubbed "The Secret Weapon".  Basically he was always in the line up, but 1980s Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog played him all over the place.  Hence the shin guards on the bobble.

This is a pretty easy bobble to find on Ebay and not very expensive either.  There are dozens of them for sale for around $20, but if you are patient it's not hard to win the bidding on one for less.  I like looks of this bobble and love that they put the catchers stuff on him....

The back base of the bobble has the "Secret Weapon" nickname in black, kind of hard to see, and pictures Jose in his trademark number 11 jersey.  Here's a look at the sides of the Jose Oquendo bobble...

Overall this is a really cool bobblehead to add to the collection.  While Oquendo was not the best player on the 1980s/1990s Cardinals teams he was a unique talent and had some great moments wearing the birds on the bat.  Probably my favorite of all, when it comes to Jose, is his Game 7 three run home run against the Giants in the 1987 National League Championship Series which put the Cardinals in the World Series against the Twins.

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  1. Congratulations on the Cardinals' series win today. Have I ever told you just how much I loathe Yadier Molina? That eighth inning was one of the strangest innings that I have seen in a while with that play on the bunt. It reminded me of a famous Reds' play back in 1975 with Carlton Fisk and Ed Armbrister in Game 3 of that World Series. The ump called the batter safe on the play so a tag was not necessary at third base but on the overturn of the call that put runners on second and third. It did not figure in the final score but it could have been pivotal. We had so many chances today to win that game but just could not come up in the clutch. We are not getting any production from left field AGAIN this year. Byrd has looked lost thus far.