Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jimmy Ballgame On Deck

I have really cut back on the relic cards this year.  The whole concept around relics has become really stale and I am just not too excited about landing them anymore.  Patch pieces can still be nice, but there is something about pulling a plain white or grey piece of slabbed jersey that just disappoints.  I have been using some of my relic cards as trade bait, selling a few here and there too.

As far as adding new relic cards, again I am looking for things that are unique.  The past week I found a really cool and unique relic piece for my collection:

I know this is one of those communal relics that's not specifically tied to a player.  A lot of collectors skip over the base and ball type of relics for this very reason.  While I completely understand the draw back with this sort of relic piece I had two reasons for picking up this piece:

  • I have several other pieces from this set and love the look of the cards.  If you do not own any of the All-Star relics from the 2004 Topps set I think they are worth checking out.  The relic cards are somewhat limited in nature, all serial numbered to something less than 100, and have a pretty cool design.  I like these better than most of the All-Star relics that have been in the Topps Traded/Update set the past few years.   The set also features some really autographed relic cards.  Yes, they are sticker autographs.  Yes, the stickers are big and do not really blend in with the cards.  Strangely the print runs on the autographed relics is much greater than just the plain relics.  I still really like the looks of these cards.  

  • Topps keeps repeating the same Cardinals autographs and relics over and over.  Matt Adams, Shelby Miller, Kolten Wong....I like Kolten Wong.  Matt Adams, meh.  Don't get me wrong, I want a Matt Adams autograph or two, but he is not one of my favorite Cardinals.  I am certainly not going out of my to collect his cards.  While Topps is boring me with their player selection on the Cardinals front, I am going to go back and collect some older Cardinals who may not be on the team anymore, or who may be retired now.  

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