Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Writers Block, Unblocked

Sometimes I get cards and I cannot think of anything to say worth posting.  This is way way to wind down each night and I put myself on a time limit most nights.  There are dozens of little cards that just get passed over.  For awhile I used my Facebook page and put a "Best of the Rest" post at some point every month showing off a few of the other cards I picked up that month.  Other times they walk right past the scanner and into a card box in my closet.  

I have used several posts this year on one Steven Souza, an outfield prospect for the Nationals.  I saw a Syracuse Chiefs game this summer in Durham, saw him play in the Triple A All-Star Game, and picked up a few of his cards including an autograph in Topps Update and an International League All-Star Card.  

I picked up this copy of a Souza Topps Heritage Autograph about a month ago.  Initially it skipped the scanner and went straight into the card box.  I was happy to add it to my collection, but I also understand that there is a limit to the number of Steven Souza cards y'all want to hear about. 

It's not the prettiest autograph.  Souza is a scrawler, it's on a sticker, and the autograph is cut off.  So, what made me pull this card back out?  In case you are living under a rock you probably heard that the Rays traded Snorting Bull favorite Wil Myers this afternoon to the Padres in a three team deal with the Nats.  FanGraphs actually put the two players projected numbers up, pretty comparable....

I am not sure that many Rays fans are excited about the deal, but I am staying optimistic.  Souza really impressed me last season and I am hoping he can help the team avoid a repeat of last season.  He's a fun player to watch.  Wouldn't even mind seeing him make another appearance in Durham, but just for a few games.....

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  1. I think the Rays are playing it safe with the trade. There was a nice write up on Fangraphs about the trade basically saying that Myers was struggling even before the wrist injury and that maybe he isn't quite as good as originally though. I did find it interesting that Souza projects out pretty much identically to Myers. Trades like this always fascinate me. It has been a fun offseason.