Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snorting Bull Award: Best Autograph Set

Best Autograph Set

In my opinion there were two sets deserving of this award this year.  I have not actually spent a lot of time on either set on this space, but that was more a matter of time than anything else.  Both sets were released later in the card year, but offered collectors some great autographs.  While the quantity of autographs from these two sets may not yet be in my collection, I feel like I have a pretty good gauge on the quality offered by both sets. 

Let's start off with the repeat winner Topps Five Star.  This card set has been issued the past several years, and while I do not bust open high end card boxes, the set has always offered collectors great on-card autographs in limited numbers.  This year's set is not any different.  While case busters may not like pulling cards of Livan Hernandez, that really hurts the bottom line, there are plenty of great autographs available in the set. 


I have been able to pick up a few Cardinals autographs, but am still looking to add a few more cards.  Some of my favorite looking cards in the set include a Vladimir Guerrero autograph in an Expos uniform, El Duque, Juan Gone as a Ranger, and Roberto Alomar as a Blue Jay.  Add in that the cards are made on really nice thick card stock and you have got a winner.  Again, I recognize the fact that the boxes do not often pan out and provide collectors value, but if you can just stick to purchasing single autographs off of the web and from local card shops, your dollar will go much further and you can pick out the autographs which will look nice in your collection. 

My other winner this year is Topps Supreme.  The one obvious drawback is the fact that the cards feature sticker autographs.  In most cases the sticker autographs are very well done, but there are some obviously huge positives for the set which have propelled it to the top of my autograph set list this year.  First, the design of the set is awesome.  Really clean design on the cards and I love the photography. 

The second reason I love the Topps Supreme set, minus the Cardinals, is the diverse names in the autograph checklist.  I was able to pick up several minor leaguers in the set which have not been available in other sets.  I am planning on posting a few of these autographs in the coming weeks, but already posted my cool Jesus Aguilar autograph.   Just like the Topps Five Star set, Supreme also offers plenty of cool veteran and retired players autographs too. 

Just like Five Star, Supreme is a product that is best picked up in singles.  I know opening boxes is always awesome and fun, but there are autographs in this set which would be duds if you spent $60 on a box of these cards.  There are plenty of cool singles floating around on Ebay and at local card shops. Overall, both of these are really good autograph sets and offer collectors some really great autographs. 

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