Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Perhaps I have Turned the Corner....

The Cardinals made a trade for Jason Heyward earlier this off season and I immediately went out and added an autograph of the Gold Glove right fielder to my collection.  After this season Heyward can become a free agent and seems to owe the Cardinals little in the way of negotiating leverage.  Yes, I could go out and pick up a bunch of Heyward cards, but would might have to trade or sell a bunch of them at the end of the year.  At least that was my original intention.

For the third time during the last month I am introducing you to another Jason Heyward autograph.  At what point do you just admit you have turned the corner and gone from:

"I am just picking up an autograph of Jason Heyward for my collection"


"Yes, I collect Jason Heyward cards"

Oh, here's the card:

The Cardinals have been pretty successful at trading for potential free agents and managed to keep almost all of the big names.  Jim Edmonds, Scott Rolen, Mark McGwire, and Matt Holliday are on the top of my head this morning.  I would love to see Heyward have a great year in St. Louis and the Cardinals reward him with a nice long term contract.  I may only be three Heyward autographs into a collection, but I have had fun picking up these three cards and have picked out a few more that would look nice in my collection.

Have I turned the corner on Heyward?  Sure, let's hope it's a good summer for the Cardinals newest outfielder.  

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