Sunday, December 28, 2014

More Five Star Autographs

A little bit of a follow up post from yesterday, but I wanted to give my new Five Star autographs a post of their own.  The Oscar Taveras card appeared in the Best Autograph Set of 2014 post, but probably also deserves a little bit of a nod in it's own post.  Five Star always seems to come out really late every year and just when you think the card calendar has come to an end, there is a really nice product with really nice autographs that pops up.  Want lists are revised and plans for filling in the last remaining holes in the 2014 sets are placed on hold.

As discussed in the previous post, I am really high on this set.  I love the thick card stock and I love the on-card autographs.  I have seen a few people compare the background design to a paisley shirt that Will Smith might have worn on the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, but I am cool with it.  I actually think it looks a little bit more like the Basilica Cathedral in St. Louis than a Will Smith shirt and I am sure if we could talk with the design folks at Topps I am sure they would probably side with my interpretation of the design.  

I picked up two Five Star autographs to start out.  I really liked the Taveras card, but also decided to add the Craig since it was being sold by the same seller on Ebay and had almost no bidding on it.  I believe that this is the first autograph for Craig in a Red Sox uniform.  Kind of wonder if it is also probably his last autograph in a Red Sox uniform.  As for Taveras, I will be talking a little bit more about Oscar later this week.  I have avoided the topic over the past two months, but have had some time to think and process everything.  More Oscar later....

Needless to say, I am on the look out for a few more Five Star autographs.  I am thinking about adding another Cardinals autograph or two, but I really like the Vladimir Guerrero autograph.  I am thinking of doing more 90s baseball autographs out of this set more than my usual Cardinals and Rays.  

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  1. Love Five Star autographs! I really wanted to start picking up some of 2014's... but there are still a bunch of 2013's I still need.