Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daniel Descalso. Cue Sad Trombone.

We all have players on our favorite teams who we sometimes wish to be someplace else.  Mine is Daniel Descalso, although Mike Matheny is rapidly catching up to the utility infielder.  .175 batting average, .214 on-base percentage, .250 slugging, .464 OPS.  That's Daniel Descalso's stat line so far in 2014.  Please explain to me how DD is in St. Louis and not hanging out in Memphis with the Cardinals AAA team.  It's not like Descalso is just going through a bit of a cold stretch.  His 2013 line was .238/.298/.366 and his 2012 line was .227/.303/.324.  His highlight from the last three years was this ejection versus the Cubs.  Note Matheny gets tossed too.  

Since Descalso is somehow broken, of course Topps has decided that he should appear in this year's Gypsy Queen set as a relic card.  I am trying to put together the Cardinals set, but spending money on DD seems to be a painful proposition.  How much is too much for a .200 hitter?  I set a budget at $2 to $3 on Descalso and managed to find a copy in that range.  

There haven't been too many Descalso relic cards over the years and I am not sure he's exactly the most popular player, so I am going to chalk this card up to being a leftover.  Two weeks ago the leftovers were cool when it meant that there were All-Star jerseys in the set, but now that it involves a scrubby player like Descalso I am not sure of their coolness.  At least I have this card crossed off my checklist and found it at a basement bargain price.  Now, let's call up someone from Memphis. 

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