Sunday, May 18, 2014

Collecting the Durham Bulls: Wool E Bull

It seemed like a good day to put up my Collecting the Durham Bulls post on the awesome mascot for the Durham Bulls.  When most people think of the Durham Bulls mascot, they naturally think of the odd looking fellow from the movie Bull Durham, who takes the brunt of a Nuke LaLoosh fastball as a Crash Davis devised strategy to frighten the opposing hitters. 

The Bulls mascot Wool E Bull is one of the best mascots around professional sports, not just baseball.  The Bulls are actually celebrating his birthday this evening, so why not today....  I don't post stuff about Fredbird or Raymond.  Mr Wuf?  He's pretty cool, but I am still going to go ahead and place Wool E. ahead of my favorite college mascot too. 

Wool E Bull actually has baseball cards too which makes him apart of my Collecting the Durham Bulls thread.  Every year the Durham Bulls have a Wool E Bull card in their team set which is always one certain place to find a copy of a Wool E Bull card.  

There are rarely single copies of the Wool E Bull card floating around on Ebay or COMC, so if you want a copy of his cards you will actually have to buy the complete Durham Bulls team set.  Outside of the team set, there is another Wool E Bull card in last year's Topps Pro Debut set.  

The card is actually considered a patch and features a cloth center piece with a picture of Wool E in action.  There are not a ton of these cards around and they tend to cost more than $10.  Some would consider that steep for a mascot card, but it's a small price to pay to pick up a cool card of my favorite minor league team.

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