Friday, May 23, 2014

Just Passing Through

I made a trade with an old trading partner from back in St. Louis.  While we were exchanging pictures of cards he sent over a picture of a Grant Hill autograph wondering what if I could help him find the card a new home.  St. Louis is not a hot bed for hoops, so I could see where it might be tough to pass on a basketball autograph around those parts.  Plus we are dealing with a card that would be a prized possession in the hand of the average Duke fan.  I saw the scan and I thought I could help out an old friend. 

Definitely a cool looking card, but really the scan did this card absolutely no justice.  When I pulled the card out of it's box today I was just stunned at the design of this card.  It had my wishing for days past when Upper Deck made baseball card that pushed the envelope of design.  So here is a picture out of the scanner. 

Still not sure that even this picture does the card justice.  It was also cool to look at the card from the side and see how thick the card stock was that Upper Deck used for this set.  While it's not clear from the picture and scan I think that the card is supposed to be like a shadow box. 

As cool as this card is, it is just passing through and will be on it's way to a new home at some point tomorrow morning.  I am not usually into posting cards that are just making a pit stop in my card room, but this card is too awesome not to snap a few pictures.  Oh and Go Pack!

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