Saturday, May 10, 2014

With the 249th pick in the NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select....

I picked this card up a few weeks ago and was waiting for this day to post my copy of this awesome card.  While I am an NC State alumni and openly cheer for my Wolfpack I spent a few Saturdays growing up watching my the only Division I football program in my home state of Missouri.  The Tigers were not very good while I was growing up, but they've been fun to watch over the past decade and have produced tons of good players: Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin, Aldon Smith, Brad Smith, Sheldon Richardson, and many others. 

This past year was a good one for Mizzou in their second year in the SEC.  The team lost one regular season game to South Carolina in overtime, made it the SEC Championship game, and won the Cotton Bowl against former Big 8 and Big XII conference foe Oklahoma State.  One of the best players on this year's edition of the Missouri Tigers was defensive end Michael Sam who was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, First Team All-SEC, and a unanimous First Team All-American selection.  During the run up to the NFL Draft Michael Sam did an interview with the New York Times. 

The reaction to Sam's announcement was generally positive.  There were dozens of current and former NFL and college football players who came out in support of the Mizzou star.  With the NFL Draft taking place this weekend, many were curious about where Michael Sam would play professionally.  Happy to say that he will be staying in Missouri:

It's a huge event to say the least, and while I am not always the biggest NFL guy, I am going to make sure I check out a few more Rams games then I normally do.  They should be a fun team to watch next year if the offense shows up.  In the meantime, a few Michael Sam cards have started to pop up.  

Not that I know anything really about football cards, but this seemed like a really cool card and a fun buy and collection addition.  I miss Upper Deck cards and I never realized they made college football cards.  This is a sticker autograph, but it is really well done and barely noticeable.  I am not sure what Michael Sam will do with himself in the NFL, but this card is keeper all the way. 


  1. Great looking card. As soon as the hype dies down, I'll probably go out and grab one for my collection.

    1. I have never seen college football cards before, but I might have to add a few of these to my collection. Would love to add a Russell Wilson card, but after looking around all of his college cards are Wisconsin cards, no NC State.