Thursday, May 1, 2014

A 1 of 1 Patch

I spent a little time this morning at my favorite local card shop Big D's Sports Cards. I picked up some of the newly released Bowman set and will have a little bit more on that set tomorrow evening.  Until then you will have to settle for my other card pick up at the store this morning.  This lovely Torii Hunter 1/1 Jumbo Patch card was pulled by another customer at Big D's, who flipped it around to the owner of the store Jimmy, who then sent it my way last week.  I love the look of this card, the patch, plus if I am going to get a 1/1, this is a cooler card than a plate.  Just my opinion.  

It's not that I am against plates, but a huge chunk of a number off of a player's jersey is a pretty unique offering.  I have had my eyes open the past few weeks to see if Topps made 25 different 1/1 patches of the different players in the Gyspy Queen set (just throwing out a number with the 25) or if this is truly a 1/1 card.  It appears from early returns that this is a true one of one and completely unique patch.  There are other Torii Hunter jumbo "patches" floating around on EBay, and one in a Facebook group, but they are all just plain pieces of jersey.  No actual patch pieces.  Overall, I am really happy to find this card.  Awesome find.  


  1. Nice pickup! Def better then a plate!

  2. Truly awesome. This card beats out a printing plate any day of the week.

  3. Very nice. I saw a couple of Adrian Beltre patches like that and they were #/10, but just a bit too pricey for me. Congrats.