Sunday, May 11, 2014

Legendary Yaz Autograph

I used to love the Team Topps Legends autographed cards.  About a decade ago I really enjoyed finding these cards.  I have a whole bunch of them and am really not sure how close I am to putting together a set of these cards, but they consist of great players on classic Topps cards.  All of the autographs are on card which is an added bonus.  Last week I stumbled upon a collector looking to trade a copy of the Carl Yastrzemski autograph, which I already own, but could not pass up a great deal on an awesome card.

One of the trickiest part of finding these cards is the fact that they were packaged into different Topps products over a three year period.  Most of the Yaz autographs were thought to be in the 2002 Bowman Heritage, Bowman Draft, and Topps Traded boxes, but Topps never confirmed the exact distribution on these cards.  If you enjoy collecting older players and are looking for a well designed set of autographs I highly recommend you spend a little bit of time to check out the Team Topps Legends sets.  


  1. I checked. I have it. Great player. Great card.

  2. Beautiful card. If I had pulled any of these in the early 2000's... I might have never sold off my collection.

  3. I have to track one of those down for my Yaz collection. Very nice.