Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie

Topps put some really cool manu cards into the first series of their 2014 cards.  I have already put up a few of the ring cards over the past two months since the launch of this year's Topps flagship dropped in mid-January, but I still was missing out on a copy of one of the Rookie Cup cards.  As a Cardinals/Rays person there are three easy targets in the set for me to add: Longoria, Pujols, and Ozzie Smith.  While Pujols is now an Angel, the cards feature players in their rookie year, so he's a Cardinal on that card.  Ozzie is a Padre on my card for tonight, but it's Ozzie.  Here's the card:

The Padres uniform is actually really cool on this card.  Two interesting things about this card.  Topps did a great job of slapping a serial number on these cards.  Most manu cards have been printed sans serial numbers in the past which, in my opinion, has diminished some of their aftermarket value.  Considering Topps does a fantastic job of selling retail blasters with a guaranteed manu card, it's nice to see them distinguish some of the harder to pull Hobby manu cards from the cards they have massed produced.  Next...

The Silver Slugger and Award Manus last year were really thick.  The Rookie Cup cards are in that ballpark in terms of card stock.  Really thick and heavy card.  I am interested to see how some of these really thick card age.  A few years ago when Topps put up Five Star, using thick card stock, there were a lot of problems with the edges of the cards chipping.  Curious to see if these do not become a condition sensitive set in time.