Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage Hit Cards

I picked up a pair of Topps Heritage boxes this weekend at my favorite local card shop Big D's in Raleigh.  The boxes of Heritage have been pretty popular and the cards are wildly popular online, so I was eager to bust open my packs and see what was inside.  There are plenty of things I could say about the set, but it's honestly a lot to take in on a post.  I broke down the new Donruss cards in a post, but I don't think I could do Heritage justice in a single post.

So, I am breaking my Heritage boxes into three posts (really four, but read further).  Tonight I will show off my two hit cards, one from each box, and then I will have one post about short prints and variations and another about the base set.  Without further ado, here are the two hit cards:

This Dave Vineyard card was the hit out of my first box.  You're scratching your head?  I was too.  Dave did not play too long.  In fact he played only the 1964 season and appeared in the 1965 Topps set.  One of the cool things about the new Topps Heritage cards is the amount of older players included in the autograph set.  In fact, separate post, I already traded for another autograph of an old time Cardinals autograph.   While I could have done much better than Dave Vineyard it is still a really cool card and I am not sure it's worth my time to sell.  Maybe someone will trade for the card.  If not I will file it away and be fine.  

My second hit card was this awesome Fred McGriff Cubs jersey card.  I remember the Crime Dog as a Cub, but it was not his finest moment.  Somewhere in a storage closet at Topps they had an extra Fred McGriff Cubs jersey hanging up.  Let's put it in a set?  Yes.  This card has already been pacakged up, traded, and is en route for a Cardinals card of similar design.  Since there is only on Cardinals card in the Clubhouse Collection set (it's Wainwright) it won't be hard to figure out the player in an upcoming post.  More Heritage tomorrow night.  


  1. I'd be interested in the Vineyard card! Let me know if you'd like to work a trade!

  2. Find my Facebook or Twitter and let's do it! Totally up for trading Dave.