Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zorilla Tribute

I have been doing well with the Ben "Zorilla" Zobrist cards in recent weeks.  I managed to pick up a cool autograph of the Rays super utility player from the Topps Tribute set.  Love the fact that this year's Tribute cards are on-card autographs again.  Last year, Zobrist was not featured in the regular Tribute set, but was in the World Baseball Classic Tribute set as a sticker autograph.  Here's the new autograph:

The card is quite attractive, but does have one drawback.  The majority of Zobrist autographs in this year's Tribute set turned out a little bit smudgy/streaky.  I have not noticed any other signers in the Tribute set with streaky autographs, but it is a little disappointing to have the autographs not turn out well.  The poor signatures have resulted in the Zobrist cards sitting quite often right around $5.  Not a bad price to pay for the 'graph of a two-time All-Star and one of my favorite former Durham Bulls. 

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  1. just picked up a Zobrist Topps Tribute auto saturday also. He is one of my favorite guys to get for fantasy