Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Unique Magglio

One of the coolest relic based sets released during the past 5 years was the 2009 Topps Unique set.  There are lots of little patch cards which are easy to find and pretty cheap to buy, but there are also some pretty nice unique and rare pieces too.  There are plenty of pieces from this set which have popped up over the years on sites like Ebay.  The cards are often listed for ridiculous prices and can sit on the site for years.  I have had the opportunity to own a few nice pieces from this set over the past few years.  Although, I traded one of my favorite pieces from former Cardinals pitcher Anthony Reyes. 

I am always on the look out for cards from this set and managed to pick up a really cool piece which is pretty typical of the really nice Topps Unique's hits:

I was actually chasing a Jeff Weaver card from this set last week when I ran across this card.  I lost the Weaver card, but this card seemed like a good consolation prize.   I love the giant patch of the number 3 from Magglio's 30 he wore during his time with the White Sox.  I have no idea why the patch is upside down, but there are a bunch of patches like this in the Unique set.  The other odd thing about the Unique set is serial numbering.  There are not 40 patch cards of Magglio, but I believe there are 40 total jumbo cards including both patches and plain pieces of jersey. 

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