Sunday, December 11, 2016

Motter's Magenta Hair Flow

The Rays recently traded one of my favorite former Durham Bulls to the Mariners.  It always makes me sad to see players leave and go elsewhere, but at the same time this move will likely result in Motter getting some more consistent playing time.  As a baseball fan in Durham, it has been fun to watch Motter play here the last few years.  

Taylor plays all over the field with a high level of effort and energy.  I enjoyed getting to see him get in some time with the Rays this year and was more disappointed when they sent him back down to Triple A without giving him much of a chance to stick.  The hitting hadn't come around yet at the Major League level, but a lot of other Taylor Motter goodness happened for the Rays with him in the game....

not to say that he did nothing on offense.  He is definitely a capable hitter.  This was one of my favorite moments from his time in the Majors....

hitting a home run against the Marlins which were his favorite team growing up.  Really cool.  

Even though he has moved on to the West Coast I am still excited to collect more cards of this former Durham Bulls favorite.  My most recent card, his Topps Update Magenta Printing Plate, is something I picked up last week.  I have been on the lookout for some non-base Motter cards, but with no relics or autographs, I have been focused on finding some different parallel cards.  The plate is obviously the rarest one I have, but there are a few other low numbered cards out there that I want....


  1. Ahh, so you're the one that snagged that plate! I'm with you, not giving up the Motter collection just because he was traded. Congrats on the great pick up!

  2. Yes, indeed. The Motter collection must go on even in Seattle. I'm hoping that he gets a few more cards there, will help if the Mariners actually play him.