Saturday, December 10, 2016

Big Mac's Stamp of Approval

I have boxes of autographs, boxes of game used/relic cards, boxes of serial numbered cards, and rookie cards.  Then there are those cards that companies have put together over the years that have all sorts of things attached to them that are supposed to fit with a player or event.  Some of these types of cards have started to grow stale in recent years......

like manu patches and pin cards.  I like Fredbird, I like Allen Craig, but I am not sure that the two of them belong on a Wal-Mart exclusive patch card.  I know you can search my blog and find a post from almost three years ago when I was excited about this card, but these sorts of things have been done too often.  

On the flip side, there are cards that are sort of in that weird relic card category that I really enjoy look at and collecting.  For example, I really like quarter cards in Gypsy Queen.  This is one of my favorite Cardinals cards I have picked up over the last couple of years.....

Very nice card.  I actually picked up another coin card recently, haven't posted it yet, but I will get around to it soon.  

Recently I had the chance to pick up another odd relic card featuring one of my favorite Cardinals players.  It's not the first card that I have ever landed with a stamp on the card, but I have generally either ignored these cards in the past or just turned them around quickly in trades.  

Somewhere in one of those boxes of autographs I think there is a mid 2000s Harold Baines card with a stamp, but I did not go find it for this post.  It's the only stamp card I can think of off the top of my head that is in my collection.  

So, here is the new card...

Topps has actually had a few different stamp cards in recent years, even a few Cardinals cards in there, but I have just generally ignore these cards.  In fact, I was not even really looking for this card, But I did stumble across it when I was trying to track down an autographed card of a former Durham Bulls player when I checked out the other items an Ebay user had up for sale.  

I like saving money on shipping.  This seemed like a cool card and the price was reasonable.  Why not a stamp?  


  1. Stamps, manufactured patches, coins... I love them all when it comes to trading cards. Great cards.

    1. I used to love them unconditionally, I am getting snarky now.