Saturday, December 17, 2016

Redbird Randomness

I helped a fellow collector from one of the Facebook card groups I belong to fill a few holes in an a late 1990s set and got a few random Cardinals autographs back in return for a the help.  I actually do not have any of these cards, so in some way they filled some holes in my collection too.  Although I do not expressly have some outrageous goal of getting every Cardinals autograph card or anything, I do try to get as many of the players as I possibly can.

Keeps the amount of money and quantity of cards within reason.  So, here are the three new cards....

First up is Cardinals pitching prospect Jake Woodford.  He's in the top 20 prospects for the team, but he seems like he's not going to be on the fast track to St. Louis or anything.  The Cardinals are usually pretty big on taking college pitchers at the top of the draft, but used a sandwich pick on Woodford.  He big, he throws pretty hard, but for everything out there on him he has a ways to go to get to the Majors.  Could be a Lance Lynn type of innings eater or a middle reliever.  Pretty wide range of opinion there.  Regardless, I like his autograph.  Very nice signature.  

Not a Cardinals card, or even a player who was on the Cardinals for very long.  However, most Cardinals fan have a pretty fond opinion of Spiezio after his performance in the 2006 Postseason helped the team defeat the Mets in the NLCS and the Tigers in the World Series.  He also had this gem for the Angels in 2002 against the Giants.  

Last one.  

I was happy to see Hazelbaker get a shot with the Cardinals at the beginning of the 2016 season and it was nice to see him play well for awhile.  I had seen him play several times over the past few seasons with the Paw Sox.  Not a serious prospect, but the guy gave a lot of effort and was an enjoyable player to watch.  Some Cardinals collectors went crazy for some of his cards during the first half of the baseball season.  I simply could not bring myself to spend the money or trade the cards to land one of these during that time.  

Hazelbaker ended up shuttling between Memphis and St Louis during the back half of the season and his autographs cooled a bit.  Glad to have landed one at the right price.  

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