Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Five: Feats of Strength

The second half of the Festivus posts for today.  I am not going to pick up something heavy, or do some really challenging task.  Instead I am going to focus on some of the tasks and feats of strength that I have witnessed in my journey through 2016.

Now, the Feats of Strength.....

5. So Many Great Cards.....

In the past I have done a bunch of awards and the whatnot at the end of the year, which I am not doing this year.  I took some down time the first part of this year and refocused myself a little bit in terms of collecting.  I have made less posts this year than in previous years, but I have enjoyed spending time here and am always amazed at how many people show up and read my ramblings on baseball cards.

I don't post for traffic, I don't have ads on my page.  I just post because I like cards and enjoy sharing what I love with others.  Yet, I am always amazed from time to time when I glance at that little stat tab and see how many people show up and read this blog.  I thank you all for taking time out of your day to stop by.

This was hard to do, but I flipped through the few hundred posts I made this year and picked out one cool card and one cool other item I added to my collection to be my favorites for the year.


I picked this up from the Topps Vault back in May.  It's the photo proof from Vince Coleman's Topps Super rookie card.  He was one of my favorite Cardinals players when I was a kid.  His 1986 Topps card was a personal favorite, so I was really excited to add this unique item to my collection.  There are a lot of other cool cards that have come into my life this year, but this is my sentimental favorite.

Other item would have to be my Taylor Motter bat...

Looks really nice in my redecorated baseball card room.  Not sure that got a post, but it used to be red with old furniture that I was slightly attached to and a television that I would not throw out.  It's a little nicer now, the Motter bat looks nice on the wall.  

4. A New Wolfpack Hope 

The first half of 2016 was a little disappointing for hoops in Raleigh.  My Wolfpack had Cat Barber on the roster last year who pulled his best Allen Iverson imitation for most of the year, but it was not enough to get the Pack far in the ACC, nor into the NCAA Tournament.  Still fun to watch....

Really fun player to watch, but this year the Pack actually look like a team.  Might even have more than one player on their team.  I am hopeful.  

They have one of the best incoming freshman classes in the country with point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and Omar Yurtseven.  Throw in some good returning players and I think NC State will be in the Tourney and could do a little damage while they are there.  

The last time they were there, State gave us the crying piccolo girl....

3. Carlos Martinez, Baby Pedro 

For many years now Cardinals fans have been told all about how Carlos Martinez was another version of Pedro Martinez.  I have patiently watched Carlos the last few years and was thoroughly impressed by his pitching this past year.  He's quietly turned into the staff ace of the Cardinals and one of the better pitchers in the National League.  Last year, he was the best reason to watch the Cardinals.

2.  The Durham Bulls win the World Series 

If you read the Airing of the Grievances post earlier this evening you'd know that one of my problems with this year was the World Series.  I don't like the Indians, nor do I like the Cubs.  Instead, I decided to root for the Durham Bulls.  There were four former players in the series: Jason Hammel, Mike Montgomery, Ben Zobrist, and Brandon Guyer.

Montgomery recorded the final out, Zobrist won the MVP Award.

1.  Highlight of the Year 

My wife and I welcomed our second child in August.  Four months and she is awesome. 

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  1. Happy babies rule! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!