Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Set Project #5

I recently did a post on a Mark McGwire card from the 1999 Topps Gallery set.  Topps has produced a ton of rehash sets over the last decade, but the Topps Gallery Heritage set was one of the first to make those types of rehash products popular.  As I recall, they were roughly one per box and very popular at the time of the sets release.  I know that I have a bunch of them lingering around my collection, but I also know that I do not have the complete set.

Here is the McGwire card from the other week.....

Again, I know that these sorts of cards have now become commonplace, but these Gallery Heritage cards have are pretty special to me.  They really were the first insert set that I tried to fully assemble.  While I know I did not succeed, I plan on fixing that 17 years later.  In fact, I started last week by picking up a copy of the Ken Griffey Jr. card.  

I know I did not have this card......

the backs are also the same as the 1953 Topps cards.....

Very nice card.  So, here is my biggest problem with these cards at the moment.  I know that I am missing a bunch of the cards in this set, but as I have been looking through my boxes of cards the Gallery Heritage cards are not in with the rest of what I have out of the 1999 Topps Gallery set.  I do have a big box of insert cards from the 1990s and early 2000s that they are undoubtedly in.  So for the moment I am going to post the entire checklist down here at the bottom of the post, but I know that many of these will be checked off in the coming days as I sort through a few boxes of cards.....

TH1- Hank Aaron 
TH2- Ben Grieve 
TH3- Nomar Garciaparra 
TH4- Roger Clemens 
TH5- Travis Lee
TH6- Tony Gwynn
TH7- Alex Rodriguez 

TH9- Derek Jeter 
TH10- Sammy Sosa
TH11- Scott Rolen 
TH12- Chipper Jones
TH13- Cal Ripken Jr. 
TH14- Kerry Wood 
TH15-Barry Bonds
TH16- Juan Gonzalez 
TH17- Mike Piazza
TH18- Greg Maddux 
TH19- Frank Thomas 

The Griffey and McGwire cards are the 8 and 20 spots.  Off the top of my head looking at the pictures of on Ebay and COMC, I think I also have Garciaparra, Lee, ARod, Jeter, Sosa, Rolen, Ripken, Piazza, and Thomas.  I might have more, either way I am figuring I will need about 10 or so cards to finish the set.  

I will update the cards I need in a few days, but for now I have placed the entire checklist under the set projects tab at the top of the blog.....


  1. Topps Gallery is one of my favorite product lines of all-time and the Gallery Heritage inserts are top notch too. My favorite set is the 2001 set, because they used the 1965 design. Best of luck with your set.

    1. Thank you Fuji! The 2001s are nice too. That might be a good one to do later on.