Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Number 998.....Wil Myers Bobblehead

I picked up a new bubblehead for my baseball card room about a week and half ago.  Since the best card shop in the area closed down recently a group of collectors from around the Raleigh-Durham area have banded together in a Facebook group to talk, trade, and sell cards.  It's a good group of people who all used to hang out at Big D's Card Shop.

One of the group members ventured down to Spring Training in Florida to check out several different team camps and also made a stop by Rays Fan Fest.  I had asked him to keep an eye out for a certain lost bobblehead at Rays Fest, but they sold out rather quickly.

The Rays had several other bobble heads that they were selling at their Fan Fest, so I still ended up with a really cool item for my collection.  This is my second Will Myers bobblehead and was a giveaway last April 15th at The Trop.  The bobblehead commemorates Myers winning the American League Rookie of the Year in 2013.  

I like the look of the front of the bobblehead.  It's a really accurate representation of what Myers looks like after he swings and hits the ball.  His front arm might be a little bit low, but overall it's excellent.  The bat is always behind his head with one hand low on the bat.  MLB has posted dozens of Myers Home Runs on YouTube.  They all look like this.......

and the actual video.......

The uniform and details with Myers appearance are pretty well done too.  Here's a quick glance at the side and back views of the Will Myers Bubblehead.......        

Myers is wearing the Sunday blue alternate uniform, the long pants with the shin guard are a staple of Myers gamely appearance.  Overall an excellent addition to the collection.  I am going to have to clear off some space next to my Durham Bulls bobblehead of Myers and get a picture of the two together.  A big thank you to Jon for taking time to pick this up for me on your trip.   

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