Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ninety-nine, Ninety-nine

I did not pay that much for this cool Randal Grichuk autograph out of Panani's new National Treasures product, but after picking the card out of my mailbox the other day and seeing the serial number it remind me of an awesome advertiser on Cardinals television and radio broadcasts.  First the card:

------------------------------------------Hype about the card--------------------------------------------------------

It's got that cool acetate piece in the middle which is so much nicer than the sticker autographs.  True, the card is still not signed on the actual card, but kudos to Panini for coming up with a creative and classy looking way to make off-card signatures look a little bitter better....back to the story.....


Everyone in St. Louis knows the name Ray Vinson and his awesomely obnoxious commercials.  Here is a print version of one.......

Ray's catch phrase is 99, 99.  From the last four digits of his phone number to the amount of money he donates to Cardinal Care for the team turning a double play, it's hard to spend a day listening to the radio or watching television in St. Louis without seeing a gem from Mr. Vinson.  Worse is hearing Cardinals radio announcer Mike Shannon say it after a couple of cold frosty ones.  Given Mr. Vinson's actually business history and personal history, I am always shocked when I go home for a few weeks and see that he is still in business and still advertising with the Cardinals.  Surely there is someone better, less shady, who would be more than willing to buy some airtime during Cardinals games.

In the meantime the math on this one is clear:

Grichuk 99/99 > Ray Vinson $99.99 

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