Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cheap Books

Books and baseball cards are both pretty cool things.  I like books.  I like baseball cards.  I rarely mix the two things together.  I have picked up a few of the booklet cards over the years, but I can count the number of them in my collection on one hand.  I know a lot of people like booklet cards, but I have a few reasons why I avoid them.  

1.  Cards that do not fit into normal cards spaces cause me pain.  Not a big fan of slabbed cards either.  I find that they linger on coffee tables, sit on top of boxes in my closet, and are occasionally used by son as a fake telephone (Only a graded Miguel Tejada rookie)

2. There are too many booklet cards that are multi player cards.  Not to say I am against multi player cards, but too often they make cards that combine a great player with a bad player or there is just some old mash-up of players.  Triple Threads can be often guilty of these offenses.  

In order for me to consider a card booklet I usually have to get a good deal and really really like the player(s).  I saw a Jake Odorizzi booklet last week for less than $10.  I thought it was a pretty good deal.  So, yesterday my mail......

It looks nice in the video, but the card does have a slight flaw.  Check the bottom left-hand area on the card.  Notice the piece of relic is torn and does not cover the entire space.....

It's not a huge flaw, but I understand why I got a good deal on the card.  I am still happy with the addition to my collection.   Odorizzi was one of my favorite Durham Bulls players and is also from the St. Louis area.  He has not broken out a Cardinals jersey on Twitter, but he is a pretty big Blues fan.  

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