Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Trip to Big D's Cardshop

I spent a little bit of time in my favorite local cardsharp this weekend.  I probably really needed to buy some boxes for all of the sets, 12 of them, that I collated last Thursday and Friday.  Instead I ended up buying a few cards and a really nice autographed baseball.  Hard a great time sitting around talking to the store owner Jimmy and another customer who was putting together a few Topps sets.

So, here's what I picked up this trip:

I tried to focus in on the signature for my picture?  Any guesses?  Terry Pendleton is the correct answer.  He was one of my favorite Cardinals players from the 1980s WhiteyBall teams, but he was probably a better player after he left the team for the Braves.  Jimmy had talked to me about the ball before, but gave me a good deal on the ball that I could not refuse.  Great signature on the sweet spot of the ball, great addition.  This is going on a shelf in my card room.

The cards.....

I know this is mainly a baseball card blog, but I still love my NC State basketball.  I have dabbled in T.J. Warren autographs and am happy to finally see a few floating around.  Jimmy, the owner of Big D's, found this card for me.  It's got a nice reflective finish that did not show well on the scanner and I love the fact that the signature is on-card.

I have done a lot with the 2014 Topps set and have pretty much wrapped up my searching on this set outside of a few really hard to find acetate cards.  I did not pick up a sparkle card this year, so here is my first.  Maybe there is another sitting in the stacks of doubles on my desk, I am not the best at picking out these cards.  The sparkle on this card is to the right side of the baseball next to Longoria's hand.  Cool card, cool variation even if it sometimes feels like you're looking for this guy.....

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