Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Snorting Bull Awards: Goat of the Year

Alex Rodriguez
2013 Topps Chasing History Alex Rodriguez

Is there a more unpopular player in the game today than ARod?  It's one thing to be an aging player whose performance on the field is declining, but the demise about Alex Rodriguez is about far more than just the usual late career fade experienced by many of the game's greats.  Sadly, most of the damage to the ARod brand is self-inflicted.  Steroid use.  Lying about steroid use.  Suspensions over steroid use.  Appeals of suspensions.  It's exhausting to keep up with and frankly most baseball fans have given up completely on ARod.  

Take a look around the world of ARod cards and most people are frustrated and have moved on to other players of interest.  In my opinion, the only redeeming quality about the decline of Alex Rodriguez cards is scooping up all the cool cards that were out of my price range a decade ago, but are now dirt cheap.  Want an ARod autograph?  30 bucks gets you something decent, but I guess that's not cool if you spent $100 on the card a decade ago.  Stinks even more if you bought a stack of ARod autographs a decade ago.  The drama and loss of money make ARod the easy choice for Goat of the Year. 

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