Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Snorting Bull Awards: Best Insert Set of the Year

2013 Topps Finest 1993

2013 Topps Finest 1993 Matt Holliday 

Topps hit an absolute home run with the release of their Finest set this year.  In particular the 1993 themed insert set was awesome and incredible.  As a collector in his mid 30s, I remember the first time I saw the 1993 Finest cards as a 16 year old at 1,000,000 Baseball Cards in St. Louis County.  They were amazing cards and the set has remained an important marker in my opinion which jumped baseball cards up to the next level.  It took Topps a few years to answer the innovation of Upper Deck, but the 1993 set was great.  I am glad that Topps took time to give a shoot out to this important set and recognize a newer piece of their history. 

The insert set featured 100 different players on the 1993 Finest card designs.  I tried my best to track most of the Rays and Cardinals from the set.  Topps also threw in a Refractor parallel which was limited just 25 copies.  Like the original 1993 Topps Refractors, the modern versions featured in the 2013 Finest set were extremely popular and in high demand.  The full set of 100 seems like a pretty tough challenge for set collectors, but putting together a team set is very doable and highly recommended.  

Hope you enjoyed these cards as much as I did, and if you did not, search out a few of these from your local card shop or find one online.  Great job to Topps on this great insert set. 

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