Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pujols Post - 2023 Topps Archives 1989 Doubleheader

Pack fresh from the local Target.  

The 1989 Topps set might be completely worthless and one of the junkiest junk wax products of all-time, but I do love it's design. It has long been one of my favorite Topps sets from my childhood. I was excited the other day when I checked out a few packs of Archives and landed a Pujols insert on a 1989 Topps designed card.  

Here is the front.....

I love this photograph Topps used of Pujols standing in Busch Stadium II. All the important elements of the Cardinals former home stadium are present in the photograph. The arches at the top of the stadium, which set it apart from other concrete bowls from the 1960s and 1970s, an advertisement for an Anheuser-Busch product, and the giant outfield scoreboard that was installed in the late 1990s. Obviously, I don't count the giant scoreboard on all Busch II baseball cards, but it's a must on anything from the final years of the stadium. 

You can see the leg of the Arch in the arch just below Pujols' right ear. While the Arch is easy to see from the current rendition of Busch Stadium, it was hard to see at Busch II with the upper deck extending all the way around the stadium.  

Well done, Topps.

Back of the card.......

It's Paul Goldschmidt.  

He's at Spring Training and there is some website on the side of the card where you can view some legal disclaimers about the 2023 Topps Archives product.  

I want to see all 20 years of Albert Pujols statistics, nothing against Paul Goldschmidt.  


  1. I pulled the Royals version of this in my misguided Archives purchase. Bobby Witt/George Brett, I didn't know what it was when I pulled it.

  2. I don't mind the concept, but I think it would be better if all the website stuff was a little less intrusive (though I don't know where else they'd put it).

  3. It would have been cool had Topps made these box toppers and include these cards in plastic stands like the original Doubleheaders. Then again... I popped all of the original ones I had out of those stands and put them into penny sleeves... so maybe it was better to create them as an insert.


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