Sunday, August 9, 2015


I am doing a whole slew of posts this week on the Allen & Ginter product, but I am mainly going to be focused on the baseball cards.  Last year I pulled a really cool autograph of musician/actor/spoken word guy Henry Rollins.  I went off on a tangent with non-sport cards for a few days, but eventually came in from the wilderness and returned to my life as a guy who writes about baseball cards.  Since I am not spending much time on the non-sport cards this year, alright there is one non-sport post on Thursday, I am giving the #MyCardMonday slot to one of the best non-sport cards ever.

Before you say D.B. Cooper and hope there is a video clip from Unsolved Mysteries, just know I am about to let you down.  Instead I am going to go with one of the creepiest houses in all of St. Louis.  Some people rank it in the top 10 nationally.....

The card featuring the Lemp Mansion was placed in the Uninvited Guests set which appeared in the 2011 Ginter set.  So what's the story behind the Lemp Mansion?  The family owned a brewery in St. Louis that sat on a bunch of natural caves.  There are a bunch of them around St. Louis.  I have never been in any, but I am not mixing my St. Louis urban legends.  If I believed everything I heard about urban legends in St. Louis I would believe that the cave is now home to an escaped penguin that was stolen from the Zoo and is now wandering one of the caves.  Right, breweries.  Here's a picture of the Lemp Brewery.  Shout out to Built St. Louis for the picture.  

The Brewery was owned by the Lemp Family who lived in the Lemp Mansion.  Long story short the owner, William Lemp Sr., committed suicide in his mansion by shooting himself.  His son, William Lemp Jr., committed suicide in the same mansion by shooting himself.  William Sr.'s youngest son also shot and killed himself, and his daughter did like wise.  Mix in a few other stories about family members dying young for odd reasons, illegitimate children who is referenced as 'The Monkey Faced Boy" by most "experts" on the Lemp Mansion, and it's hard to figure out who exactly haunts the mansion.  I often missed out on the small details of St. Louis urban legends, but the Lemp Mansion has a few dozen websites committed to logging the paranormal activity around the house.  Perhaps you could start your own.....


  1. If you've been on the Metrolink, you've been in the caves. Another fun fact, the caves allowed St. Louis to be the first major city in the US to brew lagers.

    1. I have been on the Metro. I participated in the 2002 MetroLink games and landed a silver medal in Dodge a Drunk after a Cardinals game. I think Craig Paquette might have also been riding the metro that day.