Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I Love The 80s

People love to reminisce about their childhoods.  As someone born in the late 1970s, most of my childhood memories are from that awesome decade known as the 1980s.  So many things to love about the 1980s: music, horrible clothes, funny movies, baseball, baseball cards.  Maybe most people would not put baseball and baseball cards on their list, but I was first introduced to this hobby in 1983 and it has been good to me ever since.

I remember all the great cards I collected in the 1980s and all the players on those cards.  Of course the Cardinals and all of their speedy Whiteyball Era players were my favorites, but other names stick out too.  Which brings me to this evenings card......

I know I have spent time in the past railing against unlicensed products, but I have actually been looking into some of the Panini cards recently and found that there are some great names from the past in their products.  Especially if you are looking for some good 1980s names.  The product this card hails from, Immaculate Collection, also has autographs of Bob Denier, Fred McGriff, Andre Thornton, and Mookie Wilson.  This card was actually been sold by an Ebay seller who had a few other cards I was looking into buying.  Seemed like a nice card at a decent price, I went for it.  I need to track down a copy of the Garry Templeton autograph from the set, heard he is in a Cardinals uniform, well an unlicensed Cardinals uniform.

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