Monday, August 17, 2015

Missing the Stro Show

Have you been watching the Blue Jays since the trade deadline?  They have been red hot and winning everything.  Well, until they starting playing the Yankees this past weekend.  I have never really minded the Blue Jays and like some of the players that they have added to their team.  Tulo and David Price are both cool players.  As a former Durham Bulls player, I am a huge fan of David Price and still enjoy collecting his cards.

When Price was traded a week and a half ago, I went out and spent a little bit of time searching out his cards to see if I could find any Tigers fans dumping some cards cheaply.  I did not find that, but I did a really cheap Marcus Stroman card.  I miss Stro.  He's still busy and Twitter, but it's not as entertaining as watching him pitch.  Well, except for when they traded for Price and he was in class....


It's been awhile since I have added a new Stroman card to the collection.  His autograph has always been pretty simple, but I love the look of the blue ink with the blue from the Blue Jays uni and his glove.  They look nice on the dark black and gold background.  The card is numbered to 399 copies, which is quite a few, but still a great looking card.


  1. Replies
    1. He blew out his knee and is taking classes at Duke

    2. He's been throwing off a mound, the Jays have said he's a possible starter down the line, and he might be starting a minor league rehab assignment very soon. He's pitching this year ;).

    3. I had not seen that Zippy. Would be exciting to see him make it all the way back.