Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Allen & Ginter Part 1- Autographs and Relics

I will put up a few posts this week showing off my Allen & Ginter cards.  I know I am a little late to the party, but this is always a really fun product.  We have now had Allen & Ginter for ten years and it is definitely a fixture in the world of baseball cards.  I still remember my first box of Allen & Ginter I opened back in 2006.  Great box of cards.  This year I picked up my box from Big D's in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Here are my autographs and relic cards from the box:

First up today is my autograph.  There are some great names on the autograph checklist in this set, so always hopeful to pull something good, Dilson Herrera might seem like a little bit of a disappointment.  However, Herrera is still just 21 and has proven himself as a good player at every level outside of the Majors.  Most of his at-bats have come at Triple A this year and is hitting .340 with an on-base percentage close to .400.  Maybe he will never do that for the Mets, but he's still a good prospect.  I love the look of this autograph with the blue frame, the blue ink on the autograph, and the blue in the Mets jersey.  Looks really nice.

Two relic cards:

This was my first relic out of my box.  I like Aaron Sanchez.  I have seen him pitch a few times in the minors and really liked him as a player.  I am not sure if he is ever going to be a front of the line pitcher, but should still be a pretty solid performer.  This is a pretty ho hum card, everyone loves the framed relic cards.  Next...

I really like this card.  I almost wish that Topps had scrapped the relic cards in the design of the Sanchez card and gone with the framed relic cards and this 10th Anniversary look.  Topps has done a lot of horizontal cards over the years in Allen & Ginter and this relic piece looks nice.  I like the die cut job around the relic piece and the framed picture of the player on the right hand side of the card.  Just a nice looking card.  I am going to go find a Cardinals card in this style, probably asking to much for there to be a Rays card.  

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