Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Meh Kind of Autograph

I try to pick up an autographed card of every Cardinals player that I can possibly find.  I prefer to go the certified route, but sometimes I have to pick up a few things from a reliable autographer.  The Cardinals added a few new players at the trade deadline that sent me looking for two new autographs.  I already owned a copy of a Steve Cishek autograph and traded for a Jonathan Broxton autograph.  I still need to post that card.  I also needed a Brandon Moss card and found a pretty nice copy of an on card autograph out of Tier One

Not a great looking autograph, but I am happy that this is an A's card over the Indians and Red Sox.  While I was initially excited to see Brandon Moss in a Cardinals uniform his performance during the first handful of games has left Cardinals fans feeling rather disappointed.  I am still hopeful that this trade will still work out since the Cardinals have Moss for next season too.  At this point I am feeling a little bit meh about my latest pickup.  Moss has hit in the past, but right now he looks completely lost at the plate.  Lets hope that Moss kind find his swing in the next few weeks and this trade does not end up going down with other players like Todd "Third Degree" Burns.


  1. I miss seeing Moss in an Athletics jersey. He hasn't hit for average in a few years, but he had some clutch RBI's and HR's at the Coliseum.

  2. He was supposed to be a key piece in the Jason Bay trade, but was a complete bum for the Bucs.